side plank physioyogaPhysioYoga is rehabilitative treatment through flows of yoga movement and breath with the expertise and education of a skilled and trained physiotherapist. Tatianna is both a registered physiotherapist and registered yoga instructor – which allows her to tailor treatments to your specific condition, individual needs, and goals. Everyone can do yoga – it is just a matter of doing it safely, soundly, and effectively in order to reap it’s benefits.

The benefits of PhysioYoga are tremendous, including:

  • increased mind-body awareness
  • postural improvement
  • pain reduction
  • better sleep
  • mindfulness
  • decreasing stress/anxiety
  • increasing mobility
  • moving with ease
  • injury prevention
  • improving strength/flexibility/endurance
  • ​muscle balance
  • ​improved circulation and digestion
  • overall well-being and health improvement

When you work with Tatianna, you work one on one on your mat and understand the correct movements and focus on translating these movements to improve your sport, occupation and activities of daily living.

Please call for more information and always feel free to ask questions!

Initial PhysioYoga Assessment: $120

One on One (30 min): $70

One on One (45 min): $100

One on One (1 hour): $120

Please inquire for semi-private, package and group rates.